Cash on delivery is now available to our customers at CHOYCE.


CHOYCE has limited products in stock for each design and since they are exclusive in their nature, hence only a limited quantity of each pieces are available with us. Where all users are free to pay and proceed, but still we have many customers for whom online payments are not convenient always. So they all ask us for COD service.

However, COD can also be misused if it's open for all as the stock is limited and non-genuine customers can misuse it to make our stock get over by posting unsure orders in COD. To control this we have launched the concept of COD Membership

COD Membership will come with a security deposit of 500 Rs. Which will be refundable to the customer whenever she/he likes to.

All COD orders will be treated as a final order, so a user needs to create an order responsibly in COD as well.

This COD membership will be canceled and not refunded in certain cases

1.      If the customer places an order and does not accept deliveries

2.      If a customer creates an order and cancels it after 30 minutes

COD membership will not be canceled

1.      If a customer cancels her order within 30 minutes of placing the same. (This, however, is subjected to the Customer’s track record of previous orders)

2.      If CHOYCE wishes to cancel the order due to any reason

3.      If COD service is not available from active shipping partners.

Since COD service is limited to certain pin codes only. You can check your area service from the PINCODE CHECKER section on every product page.


COD Membership Fees need to be paid Online only. Contact us on WhatsApp at 8882424080 to know more.